Frequently Asked Questions





1. How do I know if I need an interior designer?

You may have little or no free time to coordinate and shop for home decor items and you feel completely overwhelmed by the number of choices available. You've torn out photos of rooms you like, but are unsure of how to coordinate some of the elements. You're very creative but don't know where to start with your current decorating project. Perhaps you've tried to decorate your home and have purchased a few nice items, but really need help pulling it all together. You thought decorating was supposed to be fun and this isn't fun!

2. What is the difference between an "interior designer" and "interior decorator" and why does it matter to me?

In the interior design field, licensing equals a quality education and proven practical experience, as well as creativity and talent. What does this mean to you? QBIX INTERIORS pledges to adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards. When you hire us, you are the beneficiary of the wealth of knowledge, years of experience and fresh, new intelligent ideas that only a professional can offer.

3. I've never worked with an interior designer before - how do they work?

There's good news the design process is fun! Yes, it is a serious endeavor and can't be undertaken without forethought. However, clients tell us time and again how easy and simple the whole design process was from start to fabulous finish. It is our mission to save you time and money by preventing the costly decorating mistakes of the past. With your own individual design plan in hand, you will have one of the most powerful tools we provide in achieving the beautiful and comfortable results you want.

Whether you need a one time design consultation, have a large project in mind or your plans are somewhere in between QBIX INTERIORS can help! The first step is to meet with you, ask questions and then listen. We will also take the time to introduce ourselves and let you know how our expertise can best serve you. Then we will map out a design plan for today and the future based on your needs and your budget.

You are in control regarding how involved you would like to be in the design process. Some of our clients just need direction and want our creative suggestions and ideas for their home. They prefer to do the legwork. Other clients want and understand the value of an effortless turnkey design.

With your vital input, we can develop the overall design plan and help establish a budget and time frame for the completion of your project. We have found that communication, trust and mutual respect are key ingredients in every successful designer-client relationship.

4. We are thinking of re-modeling our existing home/office or we may decide to build a new home/office. How can you help us in either event?

Before you get started with your remodeling investment, ask us to review your space planning needs, lighting design, kitchen layouts and/or bathroom renovations. QBIX INTERIORS can recommend new products, styles, colors and designs that can enhance your project. Maybe you have some great ideas and you want to have quality work done but don't have your own list of reliable workmen, installers, and resources. Perhaps you want someone else to be responsible for ordering, shipping, coordinating, and installing.

Should you opt to build a new home/office, you may need professional design assistance in choosing the right colors, finishes and products that will endure for years to come. We can also help if you are thinking that any interior specifications should be changed before building begins. QBIX INTERIORS offers proven experience working with clients and their builders.

5. My husband keeps suggesting I call a designer - but really, I don't think I need that much help. What can QBIX INTERIORS do for us quickly, inexpensively and still have a dramatic result?

Here's a chance to take advantage of one of our most popular services at a special rate. In short period of time, we will rearrange your present furnishings to give you a fresh new look without buying anything new. Do you have art and accessories stored in a closet because you don't know where to put them? Is your family room furniture placement puzzling to you? Do you have bookcases whose contents need balancing to be more visually pleasing? Make an investment in your home and call on us to magically transform your rooms into an environment you will enjoy for years to come. Call us now!

6. I'm really excited.. Let's get started! What do I need to do for our first visit together?

It's really simple. Gather together your favorite ideas including color and style preferences. Chances are you have already started a collection of inspiring photos from magazines and books. Perhaps you've toured model homes and came away with a bevy of fresh ideas to put on your wish list. Did you see a room setting here on our site that caught your eye?

Show us anything and everything that makes you happy and resonates within you. Go through your selections with any other decision-makers in your home. If there are differences in opinion, bring up those issues during our visit, so we offer a creative compromise. Decide how the living spaces you're focusing on will be used. Develop your own list of priorities for the overall project.

We have found that having a budget in mind and a time frame for completion in advance really helps set the stage for honest and open communication. QBIX INTERIORS promises you will be delighted with our creative solutions on our very first visit!

7. How much?

This all depends on the scope of your project, shopping needed, drawings, site supervision, project management, how much you want to do on your own and whether you want it done for you. QBIX INTERIORS delivers great value.

8. When will this all get done?

Once everything has been decided on, quoted and approved by you a time table for the project will be established. Every effort is made to ensure deadlines are met.

9. I know what I like but can you make it happen?

Yes. With all the books, magazines and shows, people know what they like but don't seem to be able to put it all together or have the time to. Work with an Interior Designer to put it all together, and then phase it to be done at time intervals and budget amounts.



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